Nova Multimedia terms and conditions of Hire

These Terms and Conditions apply to all hires by the company to all Customers that this quote is issued to. These conditions of hire shall be binding. No variations shall be made to these conditions unless approved by an approved representative of the company.


Unless Stated otherwise in writing, all quotes shall be valid for a period of thirty (30) days from date of issue, after which acceptance of the quotation is subject to potential changes that may require renegotiation.

2.Cancellation and Variation of Orders:

Cancellation four (4) days or less of the hire date will incur a cancellation fee of 50% of the total hire price. Cancellation fourty-eight (48) hours prior to the hire date will incur a cancellation fee of 100% of the total hire price.

3.Use of Equipment:

All Equipment Supplied on hire is the Property of the company and remains so for the duration of the hire period.
The customer shall be responsible for the equipment until it is returned to the company and shall maintain the equipment in good condition. The customer warrants the equipment shall be returned to the company in good working condition.
The company makes no assumptions as to the suitability of the equipment for your hire, subject to written consultation with a production or sales manager as to the suitability of equipment for the hire.

4.Extended Hire:

The customer must return all hires by the specified date on the quotation, unless specified in writing from the company or production manager representing the company. An extended hire fee shall be applied for all hires that exceed the specified hire period or fail to be returned by the agreed date specified on the quotation.
The extended hire fee shall be charged to the customer to the value of the original hire for every week the return is overdue.
The customer shall give due notice in writing to the company if any extension or termination is requested.
No refunds shall be issues for the early return of hire equipment.

5.Misuse of Equipment:

The company shall not be responsible for loss or damage of equipment arising from misuse of equipment. This includes but is not limited to overloading speakers, water damage of electrical equipment, excess dust and dirt, accidental damage from a third party, theft, damage from an unstable power source and overloading of electrical equipment. The customer agrees to indemnify the company in respect to any loss or damage.

6.Security, Loss & Theft:

The customer is solely responsible for the security of all equipment for the period of the hire. Any theft or damaged must be reported to the company in writing and in detail with the inclusion of the time the police were contacted. Failure to do so will not negate extended hire fees and said fees shall continue until the company is notified as such.
The customer shall also indemnify the Company of any such loss of equipment and at the replacement cost of the equipment.
The client must also pay the cost of the equipment on demand.
The client is also responsible for public liability and safety of equipment during the hire period.


The company shall not insure any equipment for loss, theft or non-returned equipment. Any insurance policies undertaken are the sole responsibility of the customer.

8.Payment Terms: 

All Payments are strictly due as specified by the following payment terms.
For non-account clients payment is due in full prior to the hire of any equipment or services.
for credit customers payment is to be received by the company in full no later than thirty (30) days from submission of tax invoice.
Failure to meet these terms will result in all following hires to be withheld until payment is received by the company in full.
The company reserves the right to charge interest up to 10% per month on overdue payments.
if payment is not received within sixty (60) days of the due date, legal action will be taken to recuperate all income owed and all accounts shall be terminated.
Any expenses, costs or disimbursements incurred by the company in recovering any outstanding Monies including dishonoured cheques, debt collection agency fees and solicitor’s costs shall be paid by the customer. In order to retake possession of the equipment, it shall be lawful for the company to enter into or upon any premises where the same may be and the customer hereby agrees to indemnify and to keep indemnified the company against all liability and against all actions, suits, proceedings, claims, demands, costs and expenses howsoever incurred by the company arising from the company’s entry into or upon any premises in exercise of its rights of repossession.


“The Company” refers to Nova Topstage Pty Ltd. Trading as Nova Multimedia.
“the Customer” refers to the person or persons company to whom the tax invoice is addressed and shall include their legal representative, administrators, and successors and or permitted assignees.

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